My coaching and consulting are based on a few simple but powerful beliefs:

  1. I believe each of us has a purpose and a mission to fulfill in this life.
  2. I believe each of us has many gifts, talents, and abilities to enable us to achieve our missions.
  3. I believe each of us is creative, resourceful, and whole.
  4. I believe each of us desires to live in fulfilling and meaningful ways for ourselves and others.
  5. I believe each of us achieves more when working with trusted partners than we can alone.
  6. I believe each of us has various fears, obstacles, and limiting beliefs which can block us from achieving our mission.
  7. I believe my mission is to partner with my clients, asking questions and challenging them to overcome internal and external obstacles, and to gain insight into new possibilities.
  8. I believe one of life’s greatest adventures is to explore the vast potential of the human psyche, to witness clients discovering hidden treasures and unleashing their brilliance.

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